Intuitive & Feature-rich

Simplify your operations without sacrificing speed. Create orders, apply discounts, manage inventory, and view reports in just a few taps.

Deep Analytics & Insights

Gain insights on sales trends, top-selling products, customer spend, and much more to understand your business better, drive sales, and reduce costs.

Safe & Secure

With EMV, Apple Pay®, and end-to-end encryption, your customer data is protected by the latest authentication technology.

Giuseppe Carrubba, Owner

Fuel Cafe | Palo Alto

"We went from a machine that couldn’t do anything and moved to something that could do anything we wanted it to do. It actually did help us speed things up."

Becky Rygg, Owner

My Harlow | Whitefish MT

"It's's everything I wanted, and it keeps improving by the day. It definitely saves stress. It’s very easy to use. I think that’s the best thing."

Features for Restaurants

Features for Retail

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